The Early Years

Knowledge versus age - a phrase that is not tossed around all that often but accurately describes the talents of Nick Mamchych.  Just as soon as
Nick began to walk he was already shadowing his father, always asking the question “why?” and absorbing knowledge and techniques in
design and fabrication that would deem very useful in years to come. In fact,
his dad recalls; “Nick’s first experience with power tools was
around 4 years old.  He asked me to set him up with a drill and screws after finding some pieces of plywood and casters.  Nick took it upon
himself to build his first go cart, which he used to pull his little sister around the house”.

Budding Creativity

While he was involved in sports, like most other kids, Nick was also developing his artistic and fabrication skills.  This provided him with the skill
set to tackle more challenging
design projects.  Art and design can be expressed and presented through a variety of mediums.  In high school,
Nick’s grandfather gave him a 1945 9N Ford farm tractor to ‘fix up’.  Over two years of late nights Nick restored the tractor, but not after
completing his homework first.  This, however, cannot be contrasted by any other restoration.  The 9N was taken to an entire new level of
showroom condition.  Maintaining explicit attention to every detail, each part on the 9N was smoothed and finally finished off with a metallic
silver fade paint job with candy apple red accents.  Unfortunately, Nick’s grandfather passed away before having the opportunity to see the
completed masterpiece.  It’s a bittersweet memory for Nick as he had to sell it to pay for school.

Living the Dream

Nick enrolled into a 5 year Mechanical Engineering and Management program at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.  It was in his first year
that Nick decided to apply what he was learning to design and build a custom cycle car.  However, after presenting the idea to his farther,
suggestion was posed
to “do the job right’ by taking a more serious approach to his hobby and build a custom vehicle.  This exposed two
avenues for consideration: the first, to locate a classic/muscle car and modify it to his liking or the second, to design and build a custom
from the ground up
.  Although the first option appeared easier and faster, Nick wanted to create something unique.  In turn, Nick sat down with
his dad and began merging fighter jet influences with two generations of automotive styling cues through sketches to express a 60’s inspired
elegant 'supercar' with a modern twist.  Over the next 8 years and extensive hands-on training from his dad, Nick developed and perfected core
competencies in areas that included renderings, component modeling, metal fabrication, welding, bodywork, electrical design/wiring and
painting.  The breathtaking and inspiring completion of this heartfelt accomplishment appropriately named “Rhythm” - often mistaken for a
factory released prototype, lead Nick to launch iNVision Prototypes in 2008 as an automotive design, metal shaping and custom car studio.
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