You've invested every spare moment building or restoring your ride.  Now, it's time to proudly
show off your pride and joy!
Showcase Display Boards
iNVision Prototypes offers vehicle Showcase Display Boards that will compliment your
masterpiece - illustrating and describing unique features and mods when you're at the show.  
They are also a great conversation starter when hanging in your garage or shop and make an
excellent gift for that special someone and their ride.  
Photos of various aspects of your vehicle will need to be taken.  Since many of you who are
visiting our site aren't located in the Niagara Region you will need to submit photos taken based
on our outlined requirements.  Clients have also successfully sent their own photos by email.

Now for the fun part!  We'll incorporate discussed ideas, descriptions and photos into a theme
that your "baby" portrays to create a 'proof poster'.  Upon your approval, the final poster will be
printed & shipped.  
Turn around time is usually 2 weeks.  You will receive the watermarked proof in your email 5 to 10 days the after
pictures are received.  Depending on your requirements, posters are printed on 22"x28" plaque board, 22"x28" high
density laminated foam board or 22"x28" 4MIL COROPLAST(water resistant corrugated plastic board).       
Our design services also include:

  • Logo Design
  • Paint Stencils
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