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Re-iNVision'd '32
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Design Overview

Good things come in small packages and this little roadster is no different.  We are extremely honored that a good friend and
huge enthusiast of ’32 Fords has given us the opportunity to create a very unique roadster for him.  

He loves the simplicity of the traditional ‘32 Ford styling, but also wants a more road race feel incorporated into the body.  After
Nick came up with several designs, from one with a more traditional feel to one that has the stance and look of a track car,
it was
decided that
elements would be borrowed from both extremes.  The ’32 Ford’s bodylines were re-proportioned resulting in a
lower, longer and ultimately sleeker body, extending rockers to cover the frame rails and ram-air scoops incorporated into the
front sides.

The Re-iNVision’d Roadster is about a year away from completion.  Once done,
the client wants to create memories with his
granddaughter attending shows
, cruising highways and turning heads.
Currently in progress...