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'34 Chevy Sedan Delivery
This particular '34 Chevy Sedan Delivery has a unique history starting out in Alaska as a truck for "Alaskan Steam & Laundry" then making its way to Arkansas
where it was cut up into sections and brought to Ontario, Canada.   

Nick and his team started off by repairing the collision and rust damage.  The panels were then mocked up and braced on a new chassis from the Roadster
Shop.  Since the wood structure was non-existent the team began creating the interior's new steel structure from Nick's blueprints.      

With the interior structure complete work began on shaving the visible door hinges, recreating a new rear door area, and wheeling a new roof section.  The roof
section was a challenging low tapered crown panel that involved close to 22 feet of welding and metal finishing

All the panels were metal finished, gapped and epoxy primed in preparation for the paint team.
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