'39 Ford Custom Delivery Fordor
Some shops start projects and some shops finish projects.  This custom '39 Ford ForDor Sedan Delivery came to us for a lot of help.

Nick and his team essentially undid everything that was called 'completed' on this body, redesigned and re-fabricated every detail of this hot rod Delivery.  

Starting with the roof the flat sheets of steel that were tacked in place were stripped away - an 8 foot panel was then wheeled, hand formed and installed.  The
rear fenders were repaired by forming new sections for PT Cruiser tail lights and front fenders were reconfigured to accept Mini Cooper headlights.  To correct
the flow of the vehicle's waist line with metal rather than filler(over 3/4") the rear door skins and quarters were cut away and new panels formed and installed.  
To streamline and cleanup the overall appearance door hinges were shaved.  Newer Ford truck hinges and Bear Claw latches were mounted within freshly
fabricated door posts.  The floor was removed with provisions made for flip down rear passenger seats and access hatch for the battery and air ride system.  The
dash was extended 4 inches to incorporate a DVD/Nav system that would appear as though it was a factory option in the '40s.  Finally, a tailored front bumper
was created by hand forming, welding and metal finishing 1/8" plate.     

Our goal was to have this ForDor Sedan Delivery appear as a 30's concept created by Ford.
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