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'47 Pontiac RestoMod
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It has been said that when a dream takes so long to realize it almost becomes a fantasy.  A good friend asked us to help him complete his 1947 Pontiac.

Working together we first repaired all the rusted areas with fresh sheet metal.  This included wheeling up a new truck skin and front fender sections.  The
fun began by reconfiguring the rear quarters to accept Buick tail lights.  The owner's goal was to convert this Pontiac into a Streamliner so we adapted a set
of Streamliner rear fenders.  The fuel filler needed to be switched to the passenger side so we recreated a 'factory stamped' access with door.  Fender skirts
and all the brightwork was hand fabricated.  

The interior was customized by modifying the dash to conceal a modern Stereo and GPS head unit, the standard hand pull e-brake was replaced with a foot
operated one.  Trick HVAC vents were installed and ducts routed to the rear cabin area.