'84 Jaguar XJ6
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This 1984 Jaguar XJ6 rolled in as a basket case.  Starting by stripping the panels down to bare metal and exposing all the rusted areas, Nick and his team
systematically cut out all the affected areas including the floor, door bottoms, headlight buckets and front fenders.  

Then the fun started.  Nick redesigned the body with a smoother more modern appearance.  He wanted to make it look as though the changes would have
been offered as a factory option.  Custom touches included new rear fender flares that were blended with the one off rear fascia.  A complete new front fascia
was hammered out of flat sheet metal and employed flush fit turn signals.  The hood hinges were reconfigured to work with the new fascia.  The driver’s side
fuel filler was shaved and a custom fuel cell was installed.  

A custom red metallic paint job was applied with an asymmetric platinum stripe running up the hood and down the trunk.  The side glass perimeters, door
handles, taillight and headlight surrounds and rear license plate panel was accented in black.