Design Overview

Starting out as a fresh sheet of paper design, ‘the next one’ loosely resembles Rhythm. Simply called R2, the lines have been re-
proportioned and tightened up resulting in a modern aggressive appearance. Since it’s being built as a driver, we want a final fit
and finish that only a metal body can provide. An LS6/LS7 engine mated to a Porsche G50 transmission called for a redesign of
the chassis for increased rigidity as well. Rolling on 275/35/R18s in the front & 315/30/R19s rear R2 is 28” shorter, 6” narrower,
and a little over 900lbs lighter for a total weight of about 2800lbs. The final horsepower to weight ratio is expected to come in
around 6lb/HP making it a blast to drive.
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R2 - "...the next one"
Designed and hand-crafted entirely from the ground up...