We chose to name it Rhythm for the simple reason
that if you follow any line/reflection it has no
beginning or end - they're continuous.  As for the
powerplant, it's powered by a mid-engine 'hotrodded'
SBC350 Chevy V8 mounted in a reverse rotation
(pulleys facing the back of the car) manner.
We would like to share with you a project handcrafted from flat sheet metal entirely from
scratch and taking 8 years (8000 hours) to complete.  
It's not a rebody, kit car, etc.
We invite you to experience many more
photos of Rhythm's 8 year fabrication
journey posted on our Facebook site.   
Borrowing styling cues from classic European sports cars and American muscle cars of the late 60's while maintaining modern
proportions a mid-engine 'retro supercar' was created.  Further, the SR-71 Blackbird played a key role with regards to the shape
of the vehicle - such as the concave surfaces flowing from the front fenders and into the turbos.  The interior design is based
loosely around a fighterjet cockpit.  Our goal was to create something that may have resembled a factory produced elegant
supercar in the 60's.  
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