We would like to share with you a project handcrafted entirely from scratch and taking 8 years (8000 hours) to complete.  It is not a rebody or kit car.  The body
was hand shaped using hammers and dollies from flat sheet metal accented by custom trim handcrafted from aluminum stock.

Borrowing styling cues from classic European sports cars and American muscle cars of the late 60's a mid-engine 'retro supercar' was created.  Further, the SR-71
Blackbird played a key role with regards to the shape of the vehicle - such as the concave surfaces flowing from the front fenders and into the turbos.  The interior
design is based loosely around a fighterjet cockpit.  The goal was to create something that may have resembled a factory produced elegant supercar in the 60's.  

Some highlights include a cooling system integrated within the frame,  no visible door handles, side mirrors attached with no visible fasteners, '57 Ford Fairlane tail
lights retrofitted with sequential LEDs(something unheard of in the early 2000's), polished period correct rims and accented with charcoal centres and custom hand
formed emblems.

If you follow any line/reflection it has no beginning or end - they're continuous.  This inspired us to come up with the name Rhythm for the car.  The body is
mounted to a custom chassis and powered by a mid-engine 400HP 'hotrodded' SBC350 Chevy V8 mated to a Cadillac Seville transmission and mounted in a reverse
rotation (pulleys facing the back of the car) manner.
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